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This is a very important aspect of the Libra personality and the way in which they open up their most personal thoughts to others they trust. As the Libra child grows, these discussions help them formulate their world views and ethics.

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Rarely will your child ever grow emotional during these talks — Libra craves balance even with his or her own emotions. What other characteristics can you expect from your Libra child? Well, just like The Scales that symbolize this sign, they have a finely tuned sense of fairness. Right and wrong are clearly defined lines in the Libra heart and soul. Negativity literally makes a Libra sick. Otherwise your child may detach themselves completely staying noticeably absent from disagreeable tussles.

They will stay in that safe spot until the dust settles. Additionally, and this is a really tough one for parents, the Libra child is so disturbed by negativity that they will do almost anything — anything — to avoid it. This means lying, cheating and stealing if they think their doing so will keep the shadows away.

They seek to constantly create and be surrounded by beauty but not for shallow reasons.

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  5. They have a naturally sophisticated and discerning eye as regards beauty and though their methods can be less than ethical or scrupulous, their intentions are noble. The Libra girl may take quite a fetching picture and even seem to know when the camera turns her way.

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    She loves to make the people in her inner circle happy, but she also craves attention and affection to the point of becoming difficult. As with any Libra child, your daughter walks a very narrow line. Be ready — she wants to help. No matter where she goes your Libra daughter is generous to a fault. In this you may need to give your daughter some boundaries of what constitutes safety with strangers.

    When it comes to socializing nothing gets your daughter more excited than a party. Libras have serious potential as party planners even at a young age. As a parent one of the most heartbreaking things about your Libra daughter is that her sense of justice is a very large burden in a world that is often anything BUT just.

    How to Raise Your Libra Kid

    Have a good batch of cookies and a shoulder ready after school. Alternatively some Libra boys turn away from a more assertive approach and simply watch things unfold from the sidelines until it seems safe to come out. Both characteristics have value to the Libra personality. One thing your Libra boy understands very well, however, is how to be a good friend.

    Libra Child & Parent

    They have grand social skills including a gift of gab normally attributed more to little girls. One of their more lovely personality traits is that they truly want the best for the people about whom they care about. If anything goes awry, particularly bias or injustice, they become a fast, supportive friend even after everything resolves itself.

    Parent Astrology - Get to know your Libra Girl

    It is a mindful choice and one that he honors diligently. One of the amazing things to watch in Libra boys is their aptitude for creating compromise and getting people to work together. The hard part is helping him to realize that life includes conflict and differences of opinion. Developing artistic tastes and abilities and needs room and permission to express and explore these areas. If possible provide plenty of access to music, paints etc.

    Libra rising -

    Socially acceptable behaviour needs to be reinforced at this stage. Continue to allow her the time to make decisions and do not rush or hurry. Remember to include him as much as possible in the things that concern him. For a detailed Astrological profile of your Libra child order now on line. Disclaimer All original materials on this website are copyright no images or text may be reproduced without the express written permission of the web mistress and author. For greater insight, order your child's personalised horoscope. YES they do come with instructions!!!

    Horoscopes: What Are The Traits Of Your Libra Baby?

    For a more in depth view of YOUR baby order one of our unique natal reports and beautiful individually designed chart. For a more in depth view of YOUR baby order one of our informative natal reports with a beautiful individually designed chart today. The Libran child is a delightful and very social little person. He is reasonably easy to care for and seems to have an in built sense of what is socially acceptable. Needs peace and harmony in their surroundings and like their symbol, the scales, they like to see balance in the world around them.

    They like the company of others and quite often judges themselves y what they see reflected back at them in the eyes of those around them. Librans are generally friendly, open and generous with a ready smile. The hardest lesson for a Libran is learning to make a decision.

    Common Traits of Libra Moms

    These traits apply in some manner for any child with Sun, Moon or ascendant in the sign of Libra , also if there is a strong Libran flavour in the chart or if Venus is in a strong aspect to Sun , Moon or ascendant unless the chart is very earthy. Soft pastel colours are best and music is an essential and very good for settling a fractious Libran brush up on those lullabies Needs plenty of visual and auditory stimulation mths Becoming more and more social and will enjoy the company of other babies Increasing awareness in surroundings Prefers to have neatness and calm around him Likely to begin verbal communication quite early Learning all about making choices and needs time to make them Doesnt like to be rushed Prefers strong physical support Needs lots of hugs and to be told he is loved Requires clothes that look nice but are practical and allow freedom of movement It is best to limit the number of toys on offer at any one time as it may prove too daunting to have to choose just one.

    Doesnt like any form of physical restriction 18mths-3yrs Desire for social interaction is increasing Shows concern about his appearance and begins comparing self to others Developing sense of values and what is and isnt fair Increasingly aware and curious about relationships Will have a stock of favourites: clothes, toys, stories, songs etc and is likely to ask for the same story to be read night after night.

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